If you want to know...


Hey gals! Come visit me on my new front porch.

I'm a mom of two precious stinkers that I never call by their given names. They usually answer to "Sister Sue" and "Boogie Bear".

 A wife to a man who knows to bring me gummy worms and coffee instead of flowers and who calls me out when I need to be  set straight. (And I love that about him!)

 I'm a pathetic loser who needs Jesus everyday. I write quite a bit about social injustice and  meeting the needs of the broken. I don't mind being transparent about past struggles and how the Lord uses His word to heal those places. 

Glad you moseyed on over to my porch to have a visit. I’ve got a chair waiting for you.   I remember some of my favorite conversations taking place growing up right there on the front porch.  

The thing about my porch is there’s not much to it. It’s adorned with dusty rocking chairs and thirsty plants that remind me of my not so green thumb.  So won’t you sit a while and lets just talk. 

If you know me very well I’m not much for skimming the surface.  I like to get to the good stuff.  I enjoy talking about things that challenge my thinking and move me to change. 

Change is precisely what brought me to invite you to my porch.  “What kind of change?” you might ask. We’ll we’d be out here past dark with the mosquitos if I went into all of that. Hopefully you will find yourself stopping by more often so we can sit and chat some more.  No doubt my heart will reveal itself through honesty and openness over time. Who knows…maybe I may see some changes in you.

Oh..and don’t forget your bug spray! It’s Arkansas you know.