Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcome to my Front Porch

 Front Porch Ramblings Noonday Giveaway

If you are not familiar with Noonday Collection then I'm giving you a great chance to become familiar with this amazing company that lifts women out of poverty and gives them a sustainable income. We partner with artisan groups in impoverished communities to make beautiful accessories and home goods.

Enter to win the Many Ways Bag

A clutch? A cross shoulder? Leather or hand-woven ikat? However you want, where ever you want, this bag is as versatile as your imagination.

Woven on looms in one community then couriered to Antigua to be handfinished with leather, this is a special handmade piece.

To Enter: 

1. Leave a comment about how you would empower the oppressed in your own community...
2. Share this link on Facebook

Winner to be chosen Friday, April 5th! 


  1. I entered for my sister and shared on fb. I empower the oppressed in my community by buying coffee made by the formerly homeless. Good coffee from good people!

    1. Hey Annie! Congrats you won the Many Ways Bag! Thanks for sharing and commenting. Will you email me your address? Thanks again.

  2. I think offering English classes to the Hispanic women in our communities would give them the confidence to try and communicate with their children's teachers and others that they need to speak with. There are great walls between these women and the communities in which they live. Most are here because they followed their husbands and they are very isolated.

  3. The first thing I do regularly to empower the oppressed is PRAYER! Prayer is POWERFUL! I pray for wisdom and guidance and someone for a heart to serve the oppressed in our community to to share, love and PRAY!