Thursday, May 9, 2013

A call to slow it down

I can’t tell you how many times here recently I’ve heard “They just grow up so fast” or “Before you know it they will be graduating" from someone referring to my children. I always look down at my kiddos after I’d have that conversation and try to imagine them all grown up. However, the thought is usually cut short by me scolding creatively correcting my child.

Why do we get all weepy about the passing of time?  By we I’m probably just talking about myself here. Surely my tribe of sentimental folks are out there somewhere.
I’ve been known to shed a tear or two ( ok I sobbed) at a Kenny Chesney concert when “Don’t Blink” was played. 
Don’t even get me started on “Friends are Friends Forever”. 
“100 years” by Five for Fighting has me recollecting childhood memories every time.
Whether you attend preschool or high school graduation you will see mommas and daddies, grandmas and papaws holding back a few tears.

Why is this?  Because it all happened too fast.

I recall a day when time couldn’t pass fast enough. Sadly it was when my babies where…just babies. I couldn’t wait for them to get to the next developmental stage. If they were on the bottle then I was looking so forward to solid food.  When they were still crawling, then I wanted them to be walking. Fast forward a few years and those 6:00 bedtimes have been replaced with 6:00 T-ball games. Dance recitals and reading homework have moved up on the priority list over play dates and bubble blowing.

We are fooling ourselves if we think we can bottle up this time with our children. One day we are going to scroll through our smartphone photos and realize just how fast it has passed us by. Some of us like to call those phone albums “baby books” okay. I have all intentions of printing those out. Someday.

But what if there IS a way we can at least slow down this passing of time?

Perhaps the moments wouldn’t pass so quickly if WE would slow down to soak them in and enjoy them.

My days have felt increasingly rushed as it gives me great satisfaction to check the boxes and cross of the To Do’s on my list.  I felt a bit of conviction lately about those checked boxes and crossed out words.

To what expense have I been involved in too many self gratifying activities that have cost me this precious time with my little ones.
How many emails, FB status updates, twitter tweets (ß I don’t even know) or pinterest perusings have taken my attention from them during that first hour after school?  When they want to go to the park am I so selfish that I’d rather be home so they can entertain one another while I get more important  “things” accomplished?

Oh and I can justify it with the best of them! It’s just one email or its just one extra committee to serve on. But we look up and we’ve missed a conversation or two or ten. Hours turn into days and days turn into weeks and before we know it they are finishing their kindergarten year.

Sweet momma’s! I am raising up a call to SLOW IT DOWN. A challenge to mark one unnecessary task, committee or To Do off our list. As in don’t even put it on the darn list. I am challenging us to have a sacred hour with our children with no distractions. (you know what I mean…media) Except if your texting your husband to pick up that pizza for supper which I never ever do.

I’m certain if we are more intentional with our time then we can soak in those little moments we often dismiss as mundane. We can enter into meaningful conversations without checking our phones every few minutes “just because”.

Pray about how the Lord may be speaking to your heart about your time.  Don’t miss out on this blessing dear one. I never want my children to remember me participating from the sidelines. I want to have participated whole heartedly and have soaked up every.stinking. minute. 

What do you think? Are you in this with me? 

Peace Ya'll


  1. Cara,
    I am so glad to know that I am not the only mama who feels this way.
    I am in with you my friend. I am starting with turning my phone off after school. I tried "do not disturb" but it is still on! I can't believe how hard it is to break the look at your phone habit. I know that I will be thankful for the extra time with the littles though. Really, no one else that could be calling is as important as the kids are. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Yes! I'm so glad that I will be held accountable knowing others are joining in this call to slow it down.
    No doubt it will become easier as summer rolls around but that always brings it fair share of distractions as well.
    Let me know how it goes! Thanks